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College Bye Laws CHAPTER-6
Vacation and Leave Rules.
6.1 Applicability
The provisions contained in these rules shall apply to all employees of the College.

6.2 Definitions
In these rules unless the context otherwise requires,
  1. Commuted leave means leave as provided under 6.16.
  2. “Completed years if service” means continuous service of the specified duration under the College and includes periods spent on duty as well as on deputation and leave including extraordinary leave.
  3. “Half pay leave “ means leave earned in respect of completed years of service calculated according to the provisions here in after contained.
  4. “Leave “includes earned leave, half pay leave, commuted leave, leave not due and extra-ordinary leave.
  5. “Earned leave” means leave earned in respect if period spent on duty.
6.3 Right to Leave
Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right and when exigencies of service so demand, leave of any description may be refused or revoked by the authority empowered to sanction the leave

6.4 Authority Empowered to Sanction Leave
  1. The chairman shall have the power to sanction leave to the Principal. However, Principal shall be empowered to sanction his station leave and casual leave under intimation to the Chairman.
  2. Leave may be sanctioned to all the employees by the Principal or by a member of staff to whom the power has been delegated by the Principal.
  3. Principal is empowered to attend all sorts of conferences, symposiums, seminars and other activities of such nature as are in the interest of the College within India. The information in this regard may be communicated to the Chairman.
  4. Study leave to an employees of the College will be sanctioned by the Principal subject to his fulfilling the prescribed conditions.
6.5 Commencement and Termination of Leave
  1. Leave ordinarily begins from the date on which leave as such is actually availed of and ends on the day preceeding the one on which duty is resumed.
  2. Saturday, Sunday and other holidays or the vacation may be prefixed as well as suffixed to leave, subject to any limit of absence on leave prescribed under each category of leave.
6.6 Combination of leave
Except as otherwise provided in this schedule, any kind of leave under these provisions may be granted in combination with or in continuation of any kind of leave, subject to any limit on the aggregated period of absence as may be prescribed in such cases.

6.7 Grant of leave beyond the date of Retirement and in the Event of Resignation.
The rules of the Punjab Govt. shall be applicable for this purpose.

6.8 Conversion of one kind of Leave into Another kind
  1. At the request of a member of the staff the sanctioning authority may convert any kind of leave including extraordinary leave, retrospectively into leave of a different kind which may be admissible as on the day on which the member of staff proceeded on leave; but the member of the staff cannot claim such conversion as a matter of right.
  2. If one kind of leave is converted into another, the amount of leave salary and allowances admissible shall be recalculated and the arrears of leave salary and allowances paid or amount recovered as the case may be.
6.9 Rejoining of duty before the Expiry of Leave:-
Except with the permission of the authority which granted the leave, no  member of  the staff, on leave, may return to duty before the expiry of leave granted to him.

6.10 Rejoining the Duty on return from leave on Medical ground:-
A member of the staff, who has been granted leave on medical certificates, shall be required to produce a medical certificate of fitness before resuming duty.
  1. Leave should always be applied for and sanctioned before it is taken, except in cases of emergency and for satisfactory reasons.
  2. continuous temporary service followed by permanent service without any break shall be included in permanent service for the purpose of computation of leave.
6.11 Kinds of Leave:-

The following kinds of leave shall be admissible to members of sraff:-
  1. Casual Leave
  2. Academic Leave
  3. Study Leave
  4. Half pay Leave
  5. Commuted Leave
  6. Earned Leave
  7. Extraordinary Leave
  8. Maternity Leave
  9. Hospital Leave
  10. Quarantine Leave
  11. Sabbatical Leave
6.12 Casual Leave:-
  1. Casual Leave is not earned by duty. A member of the staff on casual leave is not treated as absent from duty and his pay is not terminated.
  2. Casual Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right & its grant is always subject to the exigencies of service and subject to a maximum of 15 days in a calendar year. The female employees shall be allowed casual leave for 20 days in calendar year.
    Employees resigning the services of the College may be allowed casual leave during the notice period. Casual leave may be granted as and when occasion arises at the discretion of the sanctioning authority, provided that the total period of absence including Sundays, Saturdays and other holidays, prefixed and or suffixed shall not exceed 10 days at a time.
  3. Casual Leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave except restricted leave.
  4. Special casual leave, not debitable against ordinary casual leave may be granted to a member of the staff when he is summoned to serve as a juror or assessor or to give evidence before a court of law as a witness in a civil or a criminal case, in which his private interest are not at issue and in other circumstances of special nature at the discretion of the sanctioning authority. The leave granted to the employees of the College, whose wives have undergone or will undergo tubectomy operation, will be as per Pb. Govt. Rules.
    The Periods of such leave admissible in a year shall ordinarily not exceed fifteen days but should however be sufficient to cover the period of absence necessary.
6.13 Academic Leave
The Principal may grant upto the limit of 10 days in  academic year an absence from duty to member of the teaching staff in connection with the following:-
  1. To deliver academic lecturers at a University or a College or an Institution of University status.
  2. To attend the meetings of the bodies of statutory board or meetings of the Committees constituted by the Govt. or by bodies like the Institutions of Engineers (India) .
  3. To inspect academic institutions attached to a University. Provide further that academic leave be also granted to attend academic conferences/seminars as well as for attending meetings of any Committees set up for selection of staff.
    In addition to above, the Principal may grant at his discretion such leave for attending an academic conference or any other work of academic or technical nature not covered by the above as he may consider necessary.
    In exceptional cases academic leave may be granted for a period of more than 10 days and not exceeding 15 days in a calendar year.
6.14 Study Leave
(1)Study leave will ordinarily be admissible to the employee of the College to pursue a special course of study or investigation of scientific or technical nature.
(2)The Principal may judge the suitability for grant of study leave.
(3) Study leave will not be granted to the employees of the College having less than 5 years of service or who has attained the age of 50. The upper age limit can be relaxed by the Principal provided the employee can serve the College for periods indicated under item (f) of these rules, after his return.
(4) Study leave may be taken for study either in India or outside India. Study leave should ordinarily be granted for a period not exceeding 2 years though in exceptional cases, may be increased to three years which is the maximum period of study leave admissible to an employee during the entire period of his service. An employee will be treated as on duty during the period of absence on study leave.
(5) The allowances admissible to an employee of the College who proceeds on study leave, shall be as follows:-
  1. An employee who avails of study leave without any aid or scholarship of any type may be given his full salary and monthly allowance of not more than one fourth of his basic pay.
  2. An employee, who avails of a fellowship or scholarship or part time employment at place of study, shall not be allowed any allowance or salary by the College. However, such an employee shall not be allowed study leave , without pay before the completion of 3 years active service at the College. Teachers enjoying study leave under this category will be entitled, on rejoining duties, to their normal increments on production of satisfactory progress report.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, an employee who avails of study leave with any aid or scholarship of any type which is not enough for his subsistence, may be granted a monthly allowance, not exceeding half of his basic pay.
(5) The employees of the College, who avail of leave for study will be required to execute a bond with two surities as given in to serve the College, after his return form leave, for a period as indicated below:-
3 months  One year
6 months  Two year
1 year    Three year
2 year or more   Five year
(6) The employee, who avails of study leave, must submit a consolidated report on his study and achievements on return from leave.
(7) Not more than 20% of the staff in a department may be granted leave at a time. The number of teachers who are granted study leave, should also not exceed 3 at a time from each department.

6.15 Half - Pay leave
(1)The half pay leave admissible to a member of the staff in respect of each completed year of service, shall be 20 days.
(2) alf pay leave may be granted to a member of staff, on medical certificate or on private affairs. Provided that in case of a temporary member of staff, no half pay leave will be granted unless the authority competent to sanction leave, is ready to believe that the employee will return on duty on the expiry of leave, except in case of an employee, who has been declared completely and permanently incapacitiated for further service by medical authorities.
Leave not due may be granted to an employee in permanent employment for a  period not exceeding 360 days during his entire service otherwise than on medical certificate. Such leave will be debited against the half pay leave, the employee may earn subsequently.

‘Leave not due’ should be granted only if the     authority empowered to sanction leave, is satisfied that there is  reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty on expiry of the leave and should be limited to the half pay leave he is likely to earn there after.

6.16 Commuted Leave
Commuted Leave not exceeding half the amount of Half  pay Leave may be granted on medical certificate to a  regular member of the staff subject to the following conditions:-
  1. The commuted leave during the entire period of service shall be limited to a maximum of 240 days.
  2. When commuted leave is granted, twice the amount of such leave shall be debited against the Half pay leave due.
  3. he total duration of earned leave and commuted leave taken in conjunction shall not exceed 240 days. Provided that no commuted leave may be granted under this provision unless the authority, competent to sanction leave has reason to believe that the employee will return to duty on its expiry.
6.17 Earned leave
(A) Earned leave admissible to members of the Vacation Staff:
  1. During the period of one academic year, the period of vacation for an employee entitled to it, shall be as declared from time to time by the Principal. The total vacation in a calendar year shall be allowed as per norms of G.N.D. University, Amritsar.
  2. In case such a member of staff is required to remain on duty during the whole or any part of the vacation, he shall be eligible for earned leave on full pay as under:-

    1. If full vacation not availed =30 days earned leave
    2. 30x No. of days vacation not availed
      Total No. of days of Vacation
An employee on deputation under the QIP scheme or on study leave is not eligible to any earned leave in lieu of the period of vacation during such deputation or leave Since the teachers sponsored under QIP to join QIP Centres for M.Tech./Ph.D. courses, are treated as on duty by the sponsoring institutions, therefore, leave if admissible under the rules of the sponsoring institution in lieu of the vacation for the period spent by them on duty under QIP be converted into earned leave and in case the earned leave is availed of by the teachers during the period their stay at the QIP centers they would not be entitled to stipend during the leave period.

(B) Earned Leave admissible to members of the Non-Teaching staff:
  1. The earned leave admissible to a member of the staff in regular employment other than vacation staff shall be I/IIth of the period spent on duty.
  2. In the case of members of the staff not in regular employment the earned leave, during the first year of service shall be 1/22 of the period spent on duty and thereafter 1/11 of the period spent on duty.
  3. A member of the staff, not in regular employment , appointed without interruption of duty to a regular post shall be credited with the earned leave which would have been admissible if his previous duty had been in permanent employment, diminished by only earned leave already taken, leave is not an interruption of duty for the purpose of this rules.
  4. Earned leave will not be granted more than four times in a year subject to a minimum of 2 days at one time.
  5. Limit of Accumulation and Grant of leave (Applicable to all the members of the staff). There is no limit for the accumulation of the earned leave. However, it should not be granted for more than 240 days at time whether in India or abroad. Further a member of the staff on retirement from the service shall be allowed to encash, or avail, the accumulated leave upto 240 days but a person seeking voluntary retirement after 20 year of service may be granted encashment of accumulated earned leave as per Punjab Govt. Rules.
6.18 Extraordinary Leave
The competent authority may, in its discretion, for any special reason, grant an employee extraordinary leave of absence, but such leave shall be without pay and shall not  ordinarily exceed six months and shall also not count towards increment or gratuity . Provided further that  the maximum total period for which such leave may be granted shall not ordinarily exceed two years. In special cases such leave may be granted up to five years.

6.19 Maternity Leave
  1. Maternity Leave may be granted to a woman member of the staff on full pay for a period upto 180 days from the date of its commencement.
  2. Maternity Leave may also be granted on full pay in case of miscarriage including abortion, subject to the condition that the leave applied for does not exceed six weeks and the application for leave is supported by medical certificate from the authorised medical attendant. This will not be granted more than thrice in the total service.
Note 1.
Maternity Leave shall not be debited to the leave account.

Note 2.
Maternity Leave may be combined with leave of any other  kind except casual leave but any leave applied for in continuation of maternity leave may be granted only if the application is supported by a medical certificate.

6.20 Hospital Leave
  1. Hospital leave may be granted to a member of the staff under medical treatment for illness or injury or if such illness or injury is directly due to risks incurred in the course of his official duty. This concession will be available to such members of the staff, the nature of whose duties exposes them to such illness or injury and whose scale of pay is below the scale of a lecturer.
  2. Hospital leave may be granted on leave salary either average or half average pay as the Principal may consider necessary.
  3. The amount of the Hospital leave shall be limited to three months. Hospital Leave on half pay means the leave as on half pay.
  4. Hospital Leave is not debitable against the leave account and may be combined with any other leave which may be admissible provided that the total period of leave, after such combination, shall not exceed 28 months.
6.2 Quarantine Leave:
  1. Quarantine Leave is granted when a member of staff is precluded under orders of the competent medical authority from attending office in consequence of an infectious disease in his family or household. Such leave can be granted only on the certificate of a medical or a Public Health Officer. Maximum duration of such leave is ordinarily 21 days and may be extended up to 30 days in exceptional circumstances. Any absence beyond these limits has to be treated as regular leave. A member of staff on Quarantine Leave is not treated as absent from duty and his pay is not interrupted.
  2. Quarantine Leave is not admissible if the member of staff himself is not suffering from an infections disease.
6.22 Sabbatical Leave:
A regular member of staff with 10 years service may be granted sabbatical leave for one or more of the following objects:-
  1. To conduct research or advanced studies in India or abroad.
  2. To write text books, standard works and other literature.
  3. To visit or work in industrial concerns and Technical Deptt. of Govt. to gain practical experience in their respective fields.
  4. To visit or work in a University, Industry or Govt. research laboratories in India and abroad.
  5. Any other purpose for the academic development of the staff member as approved by the BOG/Principal. (f)Sabbatical leave may be sanctioned subject to the following conditions:-

    1. That the staff members is in a position to serve the College for at least three years after return from leave.
    2. The staff members shall execute a bond in the prescribed form that after the expiry of such leave he/she shall serve the College for a minimum period of three years on return to duty at the College.
    3. The period of sabbatical leave shall not exceed one year at a time including vacations if any, but the BOG/Principal may grant in addition any other leave upto a maximum of 120 days which the member has earned during the service in the College.
    4. A member of academic staff during the period of sabbatical leave, be paid full salary and allowances as admissible under the normal rules but he shall not be entitled to any traveling allowance or any extra allowance in India or abroad.
    5. A member of the academic staff shall not undertake during the period of sabbatical leave any regular appointment under any organisation in India or abroad. He will be free to receive any scholarship or fellowship or any adhoc honorarium.
6.23 Vacation and Leave Salary :-
  1. An employee of the College entitled to vacation, shall be eligible for pay and allowances at full rates during the period of vacation.
  2. An employee, who proceeds on earned leave is entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave,
  3. An officer on half pay leave or ‘Leave not due’ is entitled to leave salary equal to half the amount of his monthly pay. There will be such condition if such leave is granted on a medical certificate or for pursuing any approved course of study otherwise than of study leave terms.
  4. An employee on extraordinary leave is not entitled to any leave salary.
  5. An employee on commuted leave is entitled to leave salary at full rates.
6.24 Increment During Leave:-
  1. If the increment falls due during leave other than a casual leave, the effect of increase in pay will be given from the date, the members of the staff resumes duty with prejudice to the normal date of his increment.
  2. If the employee overstays his leave he shall forefeit all his salary during the time of his remaining so absent; and if he overstays his leave for more than one week his office shall be liable to be declared vacant.
6.25 Limit of total Absence:
A member of the staff ceases to be in the service of the College if he is continuously absent from duty for five years, whether with or without leave, unless such absence is absence on foreign service in India.

6.26 Counting of Leave towards increment:
All Leave except the extraordinary leave will be counted towards increment. The Principal may, in any case in which he is satisfied that the extraordinary leave was taken  on account of illness or for any other cause beyond the control of the employee or for prosecuting  higher scientific and technical studies, direct that EOL shall count towards increment.

6.27 Leave Encashment:
Leave encashment in lieu of unutilized earned leave at the credit of the employee at the time of retirement on superannuation or voluntary retirement after 20 years shall be allowed as per Punjab Govt. Rules.

6.28 Cash equivalent of Leave Salary in certain cases:
In case an employee dies while in service, the cash equivalent of the leave salary that the deceased employee would have got had he gone on earned leave on the date of death shall be given to his family as per Punjab Govt. rules.
End of Chapter 6
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