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College Bye Laws CHAPTER-17
Hostel Rules for Students

17.1. General

  1. The hostel shall be open to regular students on the rolls of the College. The students who can make suitable arrangement with their parents or guardians for boarding lodging outside the campus may be allowed to do so with the permission of the Principal on production of a written undertaking from the Father/Guardian that they will take part in all the extra curricular activities of the College and for their good conduct.
  2. Every boarder must have a copy of the rules to aware himself with all the rules and regulations of the hostel. He must observe them strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.
  3. While issuing character certificate to the boarders, the opinion of the Hostel Warden will be given weightage. The Hostel Warden will exercise general supervision and control over the hostel.
  4. Boarders must look up the hostel notice board twice a day as sometimes important notices are put up there.
  5. No boarder should see the Principal for ordinary matters. Hostel warden is the right person for such matters.
  6. All cases of illness should be reported to the Hostel Warden.
  7. No student should keep any fire-arms, lethal weapons, poisonous things or intoxicants of any kind in the Hostel and a boarder found guilty of having committed a breach of this rule, shall be liable to be expelled form the hostel apart from any other punishment that may be awarded on the merit of each case, by the Principal.
  8. Any meeting to be held in the Hostel premises should have the prior approval of the Principal/Hostel Warden.
  9. The students shall make proper use of common rooms, the news papers, other allied literature and the other articles required for indoor games. Hours of the common rooms will be fixed by the Hostel Warden from time to time. The common room Secretary and Jt. Secretary will be responsible for running the common room . The Secretary/Jt. Secretary shall be nominated by the Warden in the first instance.
  10. While visiting the dinning hall, the common rooms and the canteen, the students should be in their proper dress.
  11. On each storey of the hostel, a student amongst the boarders shall be appointed as a prefect for that wing, who will assist the Hostel Warden in the administration of the hostel affairs.
  12. Boarders will contribute towards funds for the utencils, common rooms etc. as decided by the College from time to time. These funds shall be placed in a separate account to be opened with the bank and will be operated by the Registrar. The Committee consisting of Hostel Warden, Dy. Registrar(A/Cs), two students representative shall make purchase for the following purposes:-
  13. Purchase of Newspapers & Magazines, Indoor games, Registers, Rubber Stamps, hostel competitions, hostel functions, festivals, etc.
  14. The Principal shall have the power to make amendments in the Hostel Rules and powers to declare Hostel articles unserviceable and its disposal and write off losses.
  15. All the boarders shall vacate the hostel rooms before they leave for the vacations so that the annual repairs and white washing are carried out. All the hostel articles issued to the students should be returned to the Hostel Warden/Clerk before the student leave their rooms. They will be held responsible for any loss. The loss, if any , will be made good from the defaulters.
  16. The messin arrangements will be under the direction of the warden and for his assistance there will be a mess Committee consisting of the prefects.
17.2 Allotment:
  1. The accommodation consists of 3-seater dormitories. The room allotment shall be made by the warden.
  2. The student must be personally present at the time of allotment of rooms. Rooms to be allotted will be specified immediately before on allotment is made.
  3. The students can choose their room mates and make request for allotment accordingly.
  4. The Boarder shall not be entitled to retain accommodation in the Hostel beyond his/her normal period of study.
  5. No Boarder is allowed to change his/her room without the permission of the warden.
  6. The boarder shall have to vacate accommodation as and when asked for.
17.3 Furniture and Equipment
  1. Every boarder is provided with a chair, a table, and bed. He will be responsible for the items given to him/her. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another. Every boarder is to see that no damage is done to the Hostel property/fitting and repair charges for any damage(intentional or through negligence) are to be borne by the boarder concerned.
17.4 Withdrawal and Removal from the College Hostel
  1. After the general, allotment, application for withdraw from the hostel should be countersigned by the father/guardian and submitted to the Hostel warden. Such as application should be presented after hostel dues have been cleared.
  2. Even if the boarder has actually vacated his room, he/she will have to pay all the hostel dues and fines standing against his/her name up to the day he/she continues to be on the rolls, until his/her name is formally withdrawn.
  3. A boarder may be expelled from the hostel by the Principal, if the boarder is in the habit of staying away without the permission or is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline.
  4. (i) No boarder shall be allowed to stay in the hostel if his/ her hostel fees and mess dues are in arrears for more than a month.
    (ii) Students who do not clear their dues such as dues of the hostel mess, canteen, fine, etc. by the prescribed date, will not be registered for the subsequent semester until and unless they clear all their dues and get “No Dues Certificate” from the Dy. Registrar (A/Cs) or the concerned Hostel Warden. In case of those students who are to leave the College after completing their degree requirement or otherwise, their results as well as the provisional certificate/Degree will be withheld till No Dues Certificate is produced.
  5. No boarder shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge or the room. Loss if any, will be made good from him.
17.5. Leave Rules.
  1. Leave sanctioned for absence from the College does not mean leave from the hostel. Leave from the hostel for one or more nights must be got approved form the Hostel Warden.
  2. Leave should be personally secured before it is availed of.
  3. Students absenting themselves form the hostel without getting the leave sanctioned before hand by the warden shall be penalized.
  4. If a boarder does not want to take breakfast, lunch, dinner in the hostel he shall have to inform the Warden or the mess Contractor well in time, otherwise he shall be considered present.
17.6 Night Roll Call:
  1. The night roll-call will be taken by the storey prefect at 9.00 p.m. in winter &10.00 pm. in summer. Every boarder must be present in his/her room to avoid inconvenience for taking the roll–call. For girls hostel, the night roll-call be taken at 7.00 p.m. in winter and 8.00 p.m. in summer.
  2. A student absent at the time of roll call is liable to a fine to be fixed by the Principal. The fine list shall be put on the Notice Board at the end of each month.
  3. After roll-call no student is allowed to leave the hostel but if an emergency arises, he/she must inform the prefect of his /her block who in turn will inform the Hostel Warden next morning. The Hostel Warden, if he/she likes would verify the cause of his/her leaving the hostel.
  4. Absence from the hostel for the whole night without prior permission of the warden is considered as an act of gross negligence and misconduct and will carry heavy punishment. Such cases must be brought to the notice of the Principal by the respective Warden.
17.7 Guests:
  1. Guests are not, ordinarily, permitted to stay in the hostel except in the case of father/brother provided he comes from a far off place at odd hours. The student must get permission for keeping his/her guest in the hostel. The guest so allowed will be kept in the hostel guest room. Their names will be entered in the guest register kept in the Hostel.
  2. Lady guests are not permitted to stay in the Boys Hostel. Like-wise male guests cannot stay in the Girls Hostel.
  3. A boarder keeping a guest without permission is liable to be fined.
17.8. Electricity:
  1. Lights must be switched off when not in use.
  2. The use of electric fans is allowed during the summer session. The fans may be used with the prior permission of the Hostel Warden. If an extra fan is used, extra charges for electricity consumption will be levied according to the prescribed rates. If a fan is installed before the 15th of a month full charges for the month will be realized.
  3. The use of electric heater, electric rods and other similar electric appliances is prohibited.
  4. Any student who uses fan without permission shall be liable to fine and charged for the full session i.e. six months.
  5. Boarders are warned against tampering with electric installations and for all electric repairs the electrician should be called in.
17.9 Discipline and Complaints:
  1. Students are expected to maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere of studies in the hostel.
  2. All kinds of shouting, hooting, violent knocking or any other act of movement or behaviour that is likely to cause disturbance or annoyance is strictly prohibited.
  3. Maltreating or abusing the hostel employees and canteen staff is strictly prohibited. In case of any complaint against them, the report should be made to the Hostel Warden.
  4. Dealing in general and specially with fellow students should be very courteous and polite. All quarrels and disputes with fellow boarders should be avoided. Students must not take law into their own hands but must report all quarrels and disputes to the Hostel Warden.
  5. Teasing, maltreating or indulging in any sort pf ragging of the newly admitted students is strictly prohibited. Serious disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulting students.
  6. A boarder found guilty of having committed a breach of rules shall be liable to be punished by the warden as under.
  7. The hostel warden may issue a warning and /or fine up to Rs. 50/- on a defaulting student.
  8. Use of liquor, Alcohol and other intoxicants in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
17.10 Lawns and Cleanliness:
  1. Students are expected to show a sense of responsibility in the maintenance of hedges and floral growth. They should avoid crossing the lawns. The passage provided should be used. Hedges should not be tempered with and flowers should not be plucked.
  2. Cycling in lawns and verandhas is forbidden.
  3. Spitting at all places should be avoided . Walls, furniture and doors should not be defaced with pencil or chalk marks.
  4. The wash basin should not be blocked with sand or any other extraneous material. It should be kept clean and soap should only be used for washing purpose.
  5. For proper functioning of the flush latrines, the following instructions must be followed:
    (i) Pull the chain gently after use. The cistern will work satisfactorily only when full. Once emptied, it takes a few minutes to fill.
    (ii) To avoid blockage please do not throw datans and rough papers in the latrines.
    (iii) If the cistern is out of order, use water from the tap to flush any waster matter. Always close the taps of the bathrooms or latrines after use.
17.11 Duties of Storey Prefect:
  1. He shall take roll-call of his/her block as mentioned in these rules and shall report to Hostel Warden about all the absentees at the time of taking the roll-call as well as absentees for the whole night. Failure of prefect to report such cases to the Hostel Warden is gross negligence on his/her part for which he/she can be removed from his/her prefectship.
  2. He/she shall ensure that all hostel rules are observed by the students of his/her storey.
  3. He/she must stimulate and maintain a scholarly atmosphere in the residential unit.
  4. He/she should look to the sanitation of his/her block.
  5. He/she must act as a guide-philosopher and a friend to the students in his/her storey.
  6. He/she shall use persuasive and not coercive methods to put a stop to indiscipline. He/she shall report without delay all cases of misbehaviour or breach of discipline to the Hostel Warden.
  7. He/ she should be available and approachable to all students of his/her block and should show interest in their activities.
End of Chapter 17
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