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College Bye Laws CHAPTER-16
Students Fund Rules.
16.1 Short Title
These rules may be called the Students Fund Rules of the B.C.E.T., Gurdaspur.

16.2 Object:
These rules govern all co-curricular activities of Students like sports and cultural activities not connected with resident instruction.

16.3 The students Fund shall consist of the following:

(A) Annual Subscriptions
  1. Library Fee
  2. Book Replacement Fund
  3. Medical examination and Attendance Fee
  4. Sports and Club Fee
  5. Magazine Subscription
  6. Students Welfare Fund
  7. Class Examination Fee
  8. Recreation and Sports admission Fee
  9. Students Club Administration Fee
  10. Share of Co-operative Stores (refundable)
(B) The students will be charged an additional fee as prescribed for each item if they elect to become member of these clubs/activities:-
  1. Tennis
  2. Badminton
  3. Squash
  4. Gymnasium/Weight lifting
  5. Boating
  6. Hiking and Trekking
  7. Swimming pool activities
  8. Any other charges fixed by the Principal from time to time.
16.4 Mode of Collection
The above fees and subscriptions shall be realized at the beginning of each semester (at the time of registration) and shall be credited to the account of students Fund. This fund will be operated by the Principal/Registrar.

16.5 Utilisation of Fund:
The Principal shall administer and exercise full powers regarding utilization of Students Fund for running the various students activities.

16.6 The students Fund shall be utilized for the following purposes:
  1. The purchase and repair of sports, music and other material including projectors, photographic goods, radio and television sets, radio grams, record players, cycles and other materials required for various students activities.
  2. The amenities for NCC including NCC grade competitions etc. and expenditure connected therewith.
  3. Watering, leveling, cleaning and turfing of playgrounds, maintenance of swimming pools, stadium etc., payment of sports Attendants, Markers, etc.
  4. General expenditure and grants in connection with societies, clubs, associations, Committees, sabhas, community projects or social service activities etc. organized by the College.
  5. Annual photographs of teams and clubs, photographs of College functions like sports, matches, etc. and photographs of prize winners in inter College, inter-university tournaments, matches competitions etc.
  6. Rent of play ground, if any.
  7. Expenditure in connection with the award of College colours to distinguished players and other participants in cultural activities selected by the Committee consisting of Chairman of the concerned Committee, the Registrar (or his representative) and Secretary to the concerned club/representative of the Principal.
  8. Conveyance and boarding charges to outside speakers, poets, artists etc. approved by the Registrar.
  9. Expenses in connection with refreshment to players, participants in NCC competitions, participants in other cultural activities including guests invited to sports, NCC and other cultural functions, contests, competitions etc.
  10. For such sports and cultural activities as debates, declamation contests etc., it may be allowed at the rate of Rs. 1.00 per head. This may be raised to Rs. 2.00 per head with the specific approval of the Principal.
  11. At the time of friendly, inter College including inter-class and inter-university matches, at the rate of Rs.0.75, Rs. 1.00 and Rs. 1.50 per head per match respectively.
  12. Refreshment may be given to the extent of Rs. 1.00 per head per day for a particular event at rehearsal for a period not exceeding ten days.
  13. Expenses on medical assistance rendered to members of sports teams and other participants in other cultural activities.
  14. Expenses in connections with entry and affiliation fees to pay to University or other tournament on the recommendation of the president of the Club Committee.
  15. Expenses in connection with prescribed fee and traveling allowance to the referees appointed by the Principal/Registrar for conducting matches, competitions and other contests.
  16. (i) Expenses in connection with the supply of iced water in play field to the students including cost of equipment and labour etc.
    (ii) Supply of special diet to sportsmen and athletes as considered necessary by the Principal/Registrar.
  17. Expenses in connection with organizing performance, by the outside artists of feasts, cultural activities etc. for the amusement and general knowledge of students.
  18. Expenses in connection with the awards of prizes offers in annual debates, declamation contests, cultural competition, etc. as under:
    Prizes for extra-curricular activities
    For each annual contest in dramatic, debates, declamation etc. there shall be two prizes-first and second, of the value of Rs. 40/- and Rs.30/-.
    Sports Prizes
    Sports prizes shall be awarded as recommended by the Registrar.
  19. Expenses in connection with the purchase/hire carriage of articles of furniture, equipment, shamianas, and the mike etc. including crockery for social, cultural and other functions.
  20. Expenses in connection with postage, telegrams, telephone calls (and not installation charges) and purchase of stationery pertaining to students activities.
  21. Expenses in connection with trips to places of historical, geographical, scientific, political and economic interest or mountaineering trips or visits to factories and trips as members of teams to play matches tournament and /or to enter any competitions, debates, contests, sports coaching, youth leadership training camps according to the following schedule:

    1. Single second class railway fare both ways (return journey tickets at concessional rates to be used wherever possible).
    2. Actual expenses at the lowest rates for the roads journey to and from the station.
    3. Actual hiring charges of pony conveyance upto a maximum of 50 paise per kilometer if the places are not connected by rail or bus.
    4. In case of local matches, contests and competitions, tonga, rickshaw or bus hire may be allowed provided the places where matches, contests and competitions are held are at a distance of more than one mile form the College.
    5. Daily allowance at the rate of Rs. 6/- per head per day for every full 24 hours at the outstation. Only half daily allowance will be paid if the party leaves the headquarter after 12.00 noon or return before 12.00 noon.
The T.A. and D.A. admissible to the teachers/employees accompanying students going out on tour as specified above should also be paid out of students fund.

16.8 The magazine subscription shall be utilized on the following items:
  1. Expenses on the printing of the College magazine.
  2. Expenses on the material to be used for the College magazine.
  3. Cost of photographs etc. used for the College magazine.
  4. Any other item in connection with the activity of the College magazine.
16.9 The Medical Fund shall be utilized as under:-
  1. Any remuneration to be fixed by the Registrar for the maintenance of the health of the students in the absence of regular College facilities in the campus.
  2. Hospital charges, admitted to the extent allowed by the Registrar on any student, admitted to the hospital with the approval of the Registrar.
  3. the funds for the purchase of medicines, equipment and tonics will be earmarked by the Principal/Registrar in consultation with the College Medical Officer.
The cycle Fund shall be utilized for the employment of chowkidar, making of tokens and other expenses incurred in the maintenance of the cycle stand.

All the expenditure shall be sanctioned by the Principal/Registrar subject to the condition that the purchase are certified to have been made at the lowest rates. In case of a purchase worth more than Rs.500/-, quotations/tenders shall be called. In cases where the lowest quotations/tender is rejected, the reasons for rejections shall be recorded in writing.

The staff paid out of students Fund shall be entitled to all the benefits admissible to the regular employees of the College, such as enhancement of pay, uniform, revision of pay scales, medical attendance with the approval of Principal.

If in the interest of maintaining student activated it becomes necessary to incur some expenditure not indicated in the various items above, the Principal on the recommendation of the Registrar may sanction such expenditure on such rates and scales as deemed fit.

16.14 General
  1. All materials, equipment purchased for sports, cultural and other activated shall be entered in the stock register kept for the purpose by the P.T.I. and other such like office bearer. No material shall be used before it has been entered on the stock register and branded or marked as the case may be. The P.T.I. may refuse to make entries in case the material has been used without his knowledge. Before the bills are paid it shall be the duty of the Accounts Branch to see that the entries in the stock register are made, the material bears the brand or mark and is in accordance with the indent of the President of the Club/Society concerned.
  2. The P.T.I. will issue games material in small regular installments and in no case beyond one week’s requirements on requisitions made by the president of the Club. He will not issue any material unless the old material has been returned.
  3. The stock will be physically verified at least once a year by the person appointed by the Registrar. The result will be reported to the Registrar.
    All losses shall be reported to the Principal who is competent to write off articles once entered in the stock register. Unserviceable articles will be examined by a Committee constituted by the Registrar and shall be auctioned once a year or destroyed and written off at the discretion of the Registrar. The Dy. Registrar accounts or his representative will also be included on the Committee. The sale proceeds, if any, shall be credited to the students Fund.
  4. The Registrar shall be the Drawing and Disbursing officer of the student Fund.
End of Chapter 16
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