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College Bye Laws CHAPTER-12
House Allotment Rules.
12.1 Applicability
These rules shall govern the allotment of houses to the employee of the BEANT COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, GURDASPUR.

12.2 Definition
In these rules unless the context otherwise requires:-
  1. “Employee” means an employee of the Society.
  2. “House” means a residential house of the Society.
  3. “Allottee” means an employee to whom a house has been allotted.
  4. “Family” means the wife, husband, children, parents, brothers and sisters residing with and dependant of an allottee.
  5. “Seniority” means seniority of an allottee for the purpose of allotment of a house as decided under these Rules.
  6. “Pay” means the basic pay of the allottee.
  7. “Rent” means the amount payable by the allottee as rent for a house allotted to him under these rules exclusion of Fan rent, water and other charges.
12.3. Eligibility
The allotment criterion for allotment of accommodation at the campus shall be as under:-
Category V1 Principal’s House Revised criteria be taken from Chairman H.A.C.
Category V Basic pay of Rs.4000/-and above.
Category IV Basic pay of Rs.3200/-to Rs.3999/-.
Category III Basic pay of Rs.2200/-to Rs.3199/-.
Category II Basic pay of Rs.1000/-to Rs.2199/-.
Category I Basic pay up to Rs.999/-.
Revised Allotment Criterion
Category Sqr. Feet Basic Pay
VI   Principal’s House
V 1800 Rs.14000/- & above
IV 1300 Rs.10650-13999/-
III 1000 Rs.8000-10649/-
II-A 750 Rs.5800-7999/-
II-B 600 Rs.3220-5799/-
I 400 Rs.3219 & below

12.4 Allotment Procedure

  1. The allotment shall be made in order of seniority.
    For the purpose of allotment of a house in a category seniority of an eligible employee shall be reckoned from the date when he becomes eligible for that category of house.
    A list of all eligible employees cum engineers according to seniority shall be maintained by the Estate Officer and the list shall be reviewed after every six months (Jan./July).
  2. A staff member on his request may be considered eligible for allotment of house of lower category if house in that category of his entitlement is not available. For such allotment, a staff member holding higher post shall be considered senior to all other employees who are otherwise eligible for that category of house.
  3. An employee shall maintain his seniority in the category of houses to which he is eligible for further allotment even if he accepts allotment of a lower category house or joint allotment or if he does not accept the allotment under any of these paras.
  4. An employee shall not be allotted a house if the employee’s spouse is already an allottee but this clause shall not apply where the husband and wife are residing separately in pursuance of an order of Judicial Separation made by a Court.
  5. If two allottees marry each other, they shall surrender one of the two houses within one month of marriage failing which allotment of the lower type of house shall be deemed to have been cancelled on expiry of the aforesaid period of one month and where both the houses are of the same type, the allotment of one of them, as the, Principal may specify, shall be deemed to have been cancelled.
  6. The Society accommodation shall not ordinarily be allotted to an employee who owns a house(s) or part of a house in his own name (s) or part of his spouse within a radius of 8 Kms. of Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur excepting when the College requires the presence of an employee on the campus or if the employee makes a specific request which is acceded to by the Principal.
  7. If an employee is required to stay in the College campus in the interest of the College he may be allotted a house out of seniority in the category of houses to which he is eligible at the discretion of the Principal.
  8. The Principal may, if he deems it necessary, reserve or set aside a particular house or a set of houses for any specific purpose.
12.5. Allotment Committee
  1. The power to allot the houses under these rules shall vest in the Principal. However, the Principal may appoint an Allotment Committee to advise him on all matters relating to the allotment of houses and may delegate any of the powers and functions conferred on him under these rules subject to such conditions as he may deem fit.
  2. An allotment order shall be issued by the Registrar to each allottee. An allotment once made shall not ordinarily be disturbed.
  3. An allotment shall be effective from the date the house occupied by the allottee and shall continue until:-
    (a) It is cancelled or is deemed to have been cancelled under these rules or
    (b) It is surrendered by the allottee.
  4. In case an allottee after having accepted the allotment of a house to which he is eligible, relinquishes it, or he does not occupy the house, he will not be entitled to allotment of a house for a period of one year from the date of last allotment. Re-allotment within the same type of houses will ordinarily be avoided. However, a mutual exchange in the same type of houses may be allowed by the Principal.
  5. As a temporary measure in order to meet the shortage of residential accommodation an employee may be allotted a house jointly and if he so chooses may share the house allotted to him with one or more other employees of his own choice in which case such employees shall be deemed to be joint allottees and the rent chargeable from each and such allottee shall be as approved by the Principal from time to time. Such joint allottees shall not be entitled to any house rent allowance and they shall maintain their seniority in the category of houses to which they are otherwise eligible for allotment.
12.6 Occupation
  1. The Estate Officer of the College shall certify after proper verification that the house allotted to an allottee is fit for occupation.
  2. An allottee shall occupy the house allotted to him within 15 days from the date of issue of the allotment order to him or from the date of issue of the notice to him that the house is fit for occupation, whichever is later, failing which the allottee shall be charged rent as if he has occupied the house till the order for cancellation of allotment is issued.
  3. An allottee shall be required to sign an inventory of the fittings and fixtures in the house on occupation/ vacation of the house.
12.7 Cancellation of Allotment
If after the cancellation of an allotment under any of these rules the house remains in unauthorised occupation of an allottee, standard rent for the house and also water and other charges shall be charged for the period of unauthorised occupation without prejudice to any other action that may be taken against the allottee.

12.8 Licence
In every case the allottee shall be deemed to be a licences and not a tenant .

12.9 TEmporary Occupation
An employee may be permitted temporary occupation of any vacant house/ guest house for a period not exceeding ten days for ceremonial or religious purposes on payment of normal/ ceiling rent of that house.

12.10 Water Charges and Rent
An allottee shall pay rent and water charges at the rates fixed by the Society from time to time which shall be deducted from the salary bill of the allottee.

12.11 Rent Chargeable form Allottee Under Suspension
An allottee who has been placed under suspension shall be charged rent at the rate prescribed by the Society from time to time.

12.12 Leave
An allottee on Study Leave/ Extraordinary Leave/ QIP Leave Deputation/ Sabbatical Leave may be permitted to retain his house provided his family continues to occupy the house upto the following periods from the commencement of his Leave/ Deputation and payment of normal rent:-
(a) If employee remains in India Maximum period of 3 months
(b) If employee goes abroad Maximum period of 6 months

12.13 Subletting
No allottee shall sublet a house or any portion thereof to anyone under any circumstances. If an allottee sublets a house or any portion thereof, the allotment of house shall be cancelled and he shall be debarred from any allotment of house for a period of two years without prejudice to any other action that may be taken against him under the rules.
12.14 Notice Vacating House
An allottee shall give notice of his vacating the house in writing to the Registrar of the Society at least ten days in advance. If he fails to do so, the allottee shall be responsible for payment of rent for the number of days by which the notice given falls short of 10 days. An allottee shall submit a vacation report to the Estate Officer of the Society which shall be acknowledged on the same date.

12.15 Death
If an allottee dies while in service his family may be permitted to retain the house for one year from the date of his death on normal rent.

12.16 Retirement
If an employee retires from the service of the Society he may be permitted to retain the house for a period not exceeding two months after the date of his retirement on payment of normal rent.

12.17 Termination or Resignation
If an allottee’s service with the Society is terminated or if he resigns from the service of the Society he may be permitted to retrain the house for one month after the date of his being relieved from the service of the society on payment of normal rent.

12.18 Proper USE
(i) An allottee shall use the house strictly, for the purpose of the allottee’s or his family’s residence and shall maintain the house and the compound in a clean and hygienic condition.
(ii) An allottee shall not be permitted cutting of trees planted in the compound of the house without the consent of the Estate Officer cum Engineer of the Society. An allottee shall ensure that no water supply and sanitary installations in the house are damaged and will report to the Estate Officer-cum-Engineer for necessary repairs, whenever needed.

12.19 Addition and Alterations to Buildings Etc.
An allottee shall not make any addition or alteration in the building, fittings or electrical installations and shall not make any unauthorised construction or make extensions to the electric or water supply lines without the specific permission of the Principal in writing.

12.20 Cattle Animals
No cattle shall be kept in the house or in its compound. Care should be taken to ensure that pet animals do not cause any inconvenience to others.

12.21 Inflammable MAterials
No inflammable material in bulk shall be stored in the house or in compounds.

12.22 Damages/THEFT
An allottee shall be personally responsible for any damage beyond normal wear and tear of the fixture, sanitary fittings, electrical installations, furniture, fencing etc. provided in the house or for theft of any of these items during the period of his occupation of the house.

12.23 Maintenance
An allottee shall allow the maintenance staff of the Society or the workers of authorised contractors to have access to the house at all reasonable hours to inspect the building, water, sanitary or electrical installations and fixtures and furniture and to carry out repairs etc.

12.24 Infectious Disease
Incidence of any infectious disease shall be reported by the allottee to the Medical Officer of the Society immediately and all precautions shall be taken to prevent spreading of the infections.

12.25 Breach of Rules
If an allottee commits any breach of these rules or of the terms and conditions of the allotment or uses the house or permits it to be used for any purpose other than what is stated in these rules or conducts himself in manner which in the opinion of the Principal disturbs harmonious relations with the allottee’s neighbours or peace on the campus or if it is found that the allottee has knowingly furnished incorrect information in any application or written statement with a view of securing the allotment, the Principal may, without prejudice to any other disciplinary action that may be taken against the allottee (a) cancel the allotment of the house to the allottee. (b) declare the employee ineligible for any fresh allotment of a house for a period of one year.

12.26. Hardship
If the Principal is satisfied that the operation of these Rules may cause undue hardship in a particular case he may dispense with or relax the Rules to such an extent and in such a manner as he may consider necessary.

12.27 Interpretation
On any question of interpretation of these Rules the Principal’s decision shall be final. However, the employee may appeal to the Board whose decision shall be final in the matter.

End of Chapter 12
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