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College Bye Laws CHAPTER-34
Library Rules.
34.1 Library Hours
Library hours will be fixed by the Principal.

34.2 Library Use.
The Library is primarily intended for the staff and students of the College, who can make use of library collection, facilities and services in accordance with the rules.
Others can use the library only with the special permission of the Principal.

34.3 Access to Books
The reader have free access to books and periodicals which are on the open shelves. Moreover, the microform reading material can be used under the supervision of the library staff. Text books, rare books and dissertations can be consulted only in the assigned area.

34.4 Library Service
Members are free to seek the assistance of library staff in selecting reading material, checking of reference, searching of misplaced reading material, compilation of bibliographies, procurements etc.
Books and periodicals not in the library can be requested on loan from other libraries or institutions. The cost of postage on them has to be paid by the member for whom they are borrowed.
Members are free to recommend new books or journals for the library and to suggest improvement in library service. Suggestion and recommendations, duly signed can be put in the suggestion box, placed on the circulation counter.

34.5 Membership
Library members, only, enjoy the privilege of borrowing books. The teachers, students and non-teaching staff of the College can be enroll themselves as members by filling a prescribed application form agreeing to abide by the rules.
Persons other than those listed above can be enrolled as special members with the approval of the Principal and on payment of Rs.250/- as security (refundable) and the requisite fee payable annually.
Borrowers Cards given to registered members are strictly non-transferable and are to be renewed every year.
A lost borrowers card if found should be immediately deposited in the library. Failure to comply, or its misuse, can lead to cancellation of membership, if a duplicate card has been issued.

34.6 Loan Privileges
Normal issue/return of library reading material is suspended one hour before closing except overnight issue. On Sundays and holidays there is no issue and return of library reading material except for the books/periodicals meant for overnight loan. The books borrowed for overnight must be returned within an hour of the opening of the library on the next day.
Reading material can be temporarily loaned to the department if they are needed for consultation by the members of the department.
The librarian can recall any library reading material at any time if necessity arises.
The number of books a borrower can take, and the period for which he can retain them, is as follows:
Number of books and periodicals
  1. Under-graduate students 3 (1 Text books)
  2. Post-graduate students 4 (1 Text books)
  3. Non-teaching staff 2
  4. Teaching Staff 6 (3 Text books)
  5. Special Members 2
Period Loan  
General Books 14 days
Text books One Semester
Teaching staff students Overnight only
Reference Books, abstracts & Indexes For overnight only
Current Periodicals Not to be issued
Bound periodicals and serials Postgraduate students, teachers and officers of the College Overnight only
Thesis, Rare Books and Micro-form reading materials. Not to be issued
34. 7 A Overdue charges
The following overdue charges are recovered for library material retained longer than the period of loan from all borrower:
  1. General books: 50 paise per book per day for the first week of overdue, Rs.1.00 per book per day for the second week and Rs.2.00 per day per book for successive weeks. Grace period of four days including holidays will be allowed for every over-due general book during which no overdue- charges will be realized i.e. for first four days after the due date. When the book is returned after grace period the over due charges will be realized for the grace period also at the usual rate of 50 paise per book per day.
  2. Overnight text books: Rs.1.00 per hour per book
  3. Overnight Bound periodicals: Rs.2.00 per volume per hour.
Fine can be reduced, or remitted, on reasonable grounds by the Registrar.

B Loss of Library Material
Following charges are recovered form the borrowers for the loss of any library material:
  1. Books
    1. General Books: Replacement or the current price plus Rs.5.00 as processing charges. In the case of a book which has been lost by a reader and in which case the current price of the book is also not available, and the book itself has become out of print, the price to be collected from the reader will be @10 % increase in price per year from the date of its procurement subject to the maximum of four times of its original price. The reader, however, is at liberty to replace the books within 45 day in case he could manage it.
      In case of books received free and whose price is not given in any of the catalogues. The College Librarian is authorised to the reasonable price.
    2. Text Books, Rare and Reference Books. Rs. 20.00/- over and above the current price. The cost of the complete set may have to be paid for the loss of a single volume if it is not available separately.

  2. Periodicals
    1. Single issue of Periodical Replacement within three month or the cost of the volume if the single issue is not available.
    2. Bound volume of a periodical Replacement of the volume or four time the cost of the volume

  3. Loss of Library membership Card.
    Loss of library membership card should be reported immediately to the circulation desk. However, the reader still remains responsible for the books issued on that Card. A new library card is issued on payment of Rs.10/-.
  4. Loss of property Counter Token.
    Rs. 5.00 will be charged for the loss of token of property counter.
34.8. Reprographic Service
The rates for different services shall be charged as fixed by the Principal.

34.9 General
  1. Personal books, files rain coat, umbrellas, etc. should be deposited at the property counter near the library entrance.
  2. Taking books out of the library without authorization, marking or underlining, or in anyway disfiguring and mutilating books, or library property is a ***, which may lead to withdrawal of library privileges, or in serious cases to heavy fine and disciplinary action.
  3. No reading material can be issued to a borrower not in possession of his or her library membership card, or if he or she is drawing books for others.
  4. Books shall be recalled and their issue suspended during the period of stock taking.
  5. The “ No due Certificate” can be secured from the library after surrendering the barrowers card and clearing all library dues. In case of the lose of borrowers card, “No due Certificate” can be issued only 14 days after the normal expiry of the membership. Provisional “No Dues Certificates” can not be issued.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the library.
  7. Change of address and designation should be immediately reported at circulation counter of the library.
  8. Library reading material borrowed may be got reissued . if it is not needed by another user. The borrower must get the library reading material re-issued in person. It is however, at the discretion of the College librarian, with the recommendations of the circulation in charge.
  9. No library reading material would be considered returned until it has been returned properly to library personnel at circulation counter.
  10. The 1st borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the book/ periodical etc. Unless it has been pointed out at the time of issue.
  11. Violation of these rules or indisciplined behaviour in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and disciplinary action.
End of Chapter 34
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